A closer look at me…

We are going to be talking so much about you, that we should probably get some of this out of the way now…

I’m born and raised in California. I’m a husband, father, photographer and avid golfer although my scores would suggest otherwise. My family is the foundation on which I build my life. I did not have a tight family unit growing up and I’m an only child so these years with my kids are my most precious. My roles as husband and father are two of the hardest and most rewarding aspects of my persona.

I fell in love with my wife as soon as I spoke to her. She, on the other hand, did not know my name for quite some time. Perseverance pays off and I got her to have coffee with me one day and I talked the entire time, barely taking a breath. I blame the caffeine but she says I was nervous, which I concede I was. She is my best friend and our matriarch. We were married in a private ceremony on the beach in Kauai, just two kids in love.

My children are my greatest accomplishments. Having a boy and a girl is perfect for me as I’m on a continuous search for balance in life, they complete me. Both are athletic and no doubt, will someday beat me at their respective sports, but for now, I can still take em! My son has taught me how to grow as a man myself, ever pushing me to look at myself as a father. My daughter has softened me and and rounded my corners. Together they are mischievous and sweet. My loves.

I’m also addicted to baseball, golf, fantasy sports, caps, shoes, and pretty much any other type of clothing. I can’t forget about our dogs, guinea pigs, and fish. I hope your playlist ranges from old hip hop to outlaw country, then we can party!

I know…that’s a lot…but all that life is going to bring the magic to your momentous day and I’ll be there to show you.